Expedia Sucks, List Of Alternatives

I used Expedia to book a flight and car rental for me and my family, once, and it led to the worst booking experience of my life.

I ended up paying an extra thousand dollars in “unforeseens”, losing a day in travel time, and every customer service representative not affiliated with Expedia charging us those surcharges told me: “Sorry, because your family used a third party Expedia nothing can be done.” Further conversation about this was unflattering. When I reported this to Expedia, expecting some sort of compensation, Expedia’s own customer service was unhelpful in so much that I am now out a thousand dollars. After corresponding with them they frankly don’t care.

Expedia takes your money then passes you off to their uncooperative partners who have no qualms making disparaging comments about how much they themselves dislike Expedia. These partners will add charges which are “disclaimered away” in Expedia small print. These charges will cost you much more than you had planned.

Never again will I use Expedia. You shouldn’t either. Here is a list of alternatives:

Know any others? Leave a comment below! Just make sure it’s not a sock puppet from one of Expedia’s many merger and acquisitions.

5 thoughts on “Expedia Sucks, List Of Alternatives

  1. John q public

    agreed…awful…and then try to speak with someone about an issue and wait hours to speak to someone with weak language and comprehension and unempowered to do anything. Also tired of the “we are currently experiencing greater than normal call volume BULLSHIT…hire more people!

  2. Rob

    Expedia raised my “guaranteed price” $1400 by the time my card cleared.
    They really suck

  3. MikeB

    Well should have looked this up before I book my trip. Booked a trip with expedia and it came out and went well, just that, should have shopped around first, there were more competitive prices at other places.

    1. Daniel Ardeline

      I couldn’t come up with my flight confirmation number promptly from Expedia, and ended up missing the flight. It wanted me to log in with Facebook to get it, a password which I don’t keep on hand when I travel. Neither United nor Air Canada would take the Expedia booking number and work with it, they had to

  4. Nancy

    Booked a hotel then I had to cancel. I called the hotel and they said I could have cancelled my reservations if I had booked directly with them. Hotel said I had to cancel through Expedia. I contacted Expedia and they said I could not cancel because it was the hotels policy. LIE


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