I Want To Like Ubuntu, Really I do… 13.10

I started using Ubuntu exclusively sometime in the summer of 2012. Before that I was using OSX for almost ten years.

I like Ubuntu because of the Unity interface. It reminds me of OSX.

I don’t want an asinine “Start” icon and 400 years of ugg boots right-click menus. I don’t want the interface formerly known as metro.

I think Unity is a sensible compromise between OSX and something that isn’t OSX but close enough.

But holy shit, beyond “close enough”, what a cluster fuck of terrible.

As of 13.10, their iTunes substitute crashes all the time. The workaround is to disable a plugin that interfaces with Zeitgest, a piece of software that people have to apologize for. I’m having a hard time believing  Apple would release a version of their OS where iTunes crashes because they didn’t bother to check that it worked with their own flagship spyware. So either none of the devs at Canonical listen to music or none of the devs use their own features.

Java crashing all over the place unapologetically where it was previously working fine.

But mostly, after trying hard to get with the Dash vision of “search everything”, I said fuck off and disabled all online searches completely. It is now set to OFF in my Privacy settings. Arse what a brain dead implementation. 100 scopes of slowing down trying to get any real work done like some sort of bloatware from the late 90s. Who made this? RealMedia?! Why in the hell does anyone need hundreds of search providers in Desktop mode?  This is the opposite of what people wanted.

Maybe if Edge hadn’t been such a comically bad campaign we, the users, would actually give two shits about your convergence vision over there in Canonical marketing land, but in the meantime we’re trying to use our desktop computers to get work done so that we can make money to afford to buy your fucking phones in the first place.

Bonus stupidity: Wayland vs. Mir?

So yeah, I’m going to run 12.04 on some servers until EOL,  I will run 13.10 on this laptop for another nine months, but then I’m out.

It’s not me, it’s you.

I cannot, in good faith, support Canonical’s antics anymore. New distro suggestions welcome.

3 thoughts on “I Want To Like Ubuntu, Really I do… 13.10

  1. Evan Prodromou

    You’ll get a lot of feedback like this, but I figure I might as well make a suggestion: consider Ubuntu-Gnome. All the good package management of Ubuntu with a pleasant, minimal Gnome 3 interface.

    1. conner_bw Post author

      Thanks evan, but I don’t particularly like contemporary Gnome. For example, they butchered the Desktop metaphor. I get it that they don’t want their grandparents putting hundreds of launcher icons on the Desktop (?) but I use the Desktop as an actual workspace; keeping work-in-progress on my Desktop then moving those into “folders” when I’m done – as the metaphor was intended. For them to remove this “by design” is draconian. Dozens of other weird things like this in the last few years as well. IMHO, Unity is Gnome improved (and that’s not saying much considering the state of things…)

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