sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

Ubuntu 12.10 is out today. Get it here.

The first thing you should do after installing “Quantal Quetzal” is go to the terminal and run this command:

sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

The second thing you should do is go to their donation page and pitch-in $15 to alleviate any latent catholic guilt you might have from running the above instruction.

Removing `unity-lens-shopping` sends the necessary message that they really botched their attempt to steamroll this change into the distribution. I’m not against a monetization strategy with Amazon as a partner. Heck, I’m not even against remote searches. I am, however, totally against remote searches in the home lens; that is just a terrible idea.

I think Ubuntu is going in the right direction. As an OSX user from 2003 until 12.04 LTS, I like Unity. Valve is porting Steam to the platform which could bring patches that Renoise, my music sequencer of choice, would benefit from. I work with it Ubuntu every day and I sincerely enjoy the experience, except for one thing: remote searches in the Dash Home have got to go.

I thought the slap chop guy was going to be forever.


5 thoughts on “sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

  1. conner_bw Post author

    Update: I recently watched a Mark Shuttleworth Interview [1] where he explains the “story” behind the “home lens scope” Ie. the home lens represents “I don’t know what I want, search everything” whereas [Super + F] is Files, [Super + A] is Apps, etc.

    I’m starting to come around to his viewpoint. I still think unity-lens-shopping, today, is botched and should immediately be uninstalled upon first login. On the other hand I use the Google Drive integration. The short version is “don’t include remote searches in the home lens” isn’t black and white.

    The issue, today, is the piss-poor and overbearing Amazon integration. If I could configure my home lens with checkmarks next to the online services I want, with “none” being a real option, I think Canonical has a winner on their hands.


  2. Peabody Wormsworth

    I really like Ubuntu, but I think this decision was a mistake. I want Ubuntu to be successful and profitable, but I really dont like the idea of reducing my privacy to do it.
    Thanks for the Google Drive tip. I will check this out.
    Also, it is interesting to read about the tetropods shown in ur photo above: Specifically, how they are inefectual eyesoars.

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