Xubuntu 14.04 – Good Looking Desktop

I updated to Xubuntu 14.04 LTS a few months ago, April to be exact, and I am sticking with it.

After following advice posted in a comment on Reddit I managed to squash most of my annoyances with the derivative and can say with confidence that I’m happy with it.

Some screenshots:

Screenshot 1

Welcome to Xubuntu

Screenshot 2

Floating Window

Screenshot 3

Fullscreen Window

To accomplish the above I took a screenshot of an empty section of a Window border and set that as Panel 0’s background, I checked “Don’t reserve space on borders” for said Panel, I moved my Close, Minimize, & Maximize buttons to the left, I made a Sidebar, Panel 1, to look a bit like Unity, and I installed the evolvere-dark-fallback theme.

A few more tweaks later and I am a delighted and productive user. Long live Xubuntu!

2 thoughts on “Xubuntu 14.04 – Good Looking Desktop

  1. Deping Hu

    Thanks for your blog, your desktop is very beautiful. I like xubuntu, too. I wonder how to move the Close, Minimize, & Maximize buttons to the left, could you tell me the details?

    1. conner_bw Post author

      Sure, I did it by going into: Settings -> Window Manager, then dragging them under the “Click and drag buttons to change the layout” interface. Hope this helps.


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