1996 - 1998

Pale Faced Devils
More In Your Bassbox
February 1997

Pale Faced Devils
Revient à l'Hopital
Cassette / Demo Tape
Autumn of 1998

BW CDJ Mix of Unreleased Johhny Dark Solo Material:


Revient à l'Hopital

PFD in the Hamilton Spectator

PFD Website Circa 1998

Historical footnotes:

PFD Was DJ Conner (aka ɔɐᗡ puɐɹʇɹɐɥƆ) and DJ Tanner (aka Johhny Dark). We stole the name from our friend's graffiti crew. At the time the band was active, PFD was engaged in a permanent disinformation campaign. Everything we did was to sew confusion and mess with music commerce. If you were getting paid, or trying to get paid, you were a sellout and we were causing shit. If you were selling music for $10, we were selling it for $5 right next to your booth to make your merchandise look overpriced. No TV no furniture pro mailman vegan straight edge commie apocalypse rod test training for Y2K. And so on. In hindsight, not the best career strategy. But it makes for great memories about just how insane the 90's were.

Ode to the Hamilton Skyway.